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Installing Interlock

Below are the basic steps taken on a typical residential interlock project.

For the DIY homeowner, we can make your job more cost efficient by doing all of the rough and labour intensive work for you. We'll excavate & remove all excavations. We can also install all of your base or crushed stone.

Interlocking pavers & Interlocking stones

There are many different types of interlock paving and wall stones for a variety of applications. Some of the basic differences are easy to distinguish because of size, shape and colour. It is very important to pick a product that suits your specific purpose. For example, a paver that is okay for a back yard patio might not work to use for your driveway. Here's a quick list of applications that need different types of pavers or interlocking stones for each:

There are also pavers intended for industrial areas and high traffic areas.

These are just some of the different applications of interlock paving stones. Some pavers can have multiple uses and be used in more than one type of interlock installation. However using a paving stone incorrectly will likely have negative consequences. For example, a paver that is meant for use only in walkways or patios and is installed in a driveway or roadway is likely to fail or become damaged, possibly becoming a hazard. Our landscaping pros will help make sure you choose products that work best for you.

Wall Stones are another separate category of interlock products. Concrete blocks and interlocking wall stones make great garden walls, retaining walls, pillars, stairs and more. Most interlock wall products can be used for any garden wall or curb application. Pada Landscaping uses only Interlock products have been designed and tested by reputable manufacturers. Most products have a general installation guideline that includes information such as maximum wall height for a specific interlock wall block. However it is important to note that in the City of Ottawa, city bylaws state that any retaining wall over 1 meter in height is to be approved and stamped by a civil engineer in Ontario. Poorly designed and constructed walls will not last and often begin to show signs of failure after only a few years. This is a step that is often overlooked by many landscape contractors. The professionals at Pada Landscaping will help you chose the correct interlock product for the right application.


Whether you are installing concrete pavers, patio stones, or other interlock products it is imperative to have proper slope and drainage. Proper drainage will keep water flowing away from your home and in the right direction. A simple grade correction can save you thousands of dollars in costly foundation repairs. Controlling water will help protect your interlock, landscaping and your home. Most interlock repairs that are preformed in Ottawa are done to repair interlock from water damage and grade issues. Interlocking stones have become very popular in the past few decades and there are many Ottawa interlocking companies. It is important that you choose one that completely understands your needs. The pros at Pada Landscaping can answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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